Background:As one of the most serious and challenging Health problems in the 21st century, diabetes mellitus affects millions of individuals worldwide. Recently, increasing attention has been paid to the relationship between diabetes and osteoporotic fractures[1]. Many clinical studies have reported that osteoporosis is one of the chronic complications associated with diabetes mellitus[2-4]. A higher risk […]

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Objectives1 To investigate in vivo the effect of lactation on the BMD of the proximal femur in adult rats.2 To investigate the impact of lactating time and the number of lactation rat pups on BMD in adult rats.3 To investigate the correlation between the number of rat pups and BMD in adult rat.4 To investigate […]

ObjectiveThis subject, by establishing experimental model of rat’s cultured osteoblast in vitro, investigates the effects of Puerarin on the proliferation and differentiation and gene expression of rat osteoblast in cell and molecular level,in order to approach the mechanism of antiosteoporotic effects of Puerarin on postmenopausal osteoporosis and provide the experimental evidences for its preventing and […]

Objective:To systematically evaluate the relation of T950C and T245G polymorphism in osteoprotegerin gene promoter and Osteoporosis.Methods:Literature were retrieved by computerized searching from Medline,Embase,CNKI, wangfang and VIP databases combined with manual searches of T950C and T245G polymorphism in osteoprotegerin gene promoter and Osteoporosis between 1996 and 2011. Literature were accessed and removed by Inclusion and exclusion […]

Periodontitis is one kind of chronic destructive disease, damages the supporting periodontral tissue, particularly the alveolar bone’s destruction and loss may cause the tooth to fall off. At present through general clinical treatment method, like supragingival scaling, root planing, flap surgery, as well as guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and so on, neither restores the normal […]

Objectives Through the establishment of selective cut of sensory/motor nerve in rats with tibia fracture as animal model, to study the influence of sensory/motor nerve injury during fracture healing and to detect the influence of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) on osteoprotegerin (OPG)/osteoclast differentiation factor (RANKL) system during fracture healing process, a preliminary study of peripheral […]

Objective:The aim of the study was to explore the relationships of osteoprotegerin and postmenopausal(PMOP) osteoporosis in the Common TCM syndrome types,to disscuss the relativity of osteoporosis and postmenopausal osteoporotic TCM syndrome,in order to find the theory basis of the diagnosis and differentiation of TCM syndromes of PMOP.Methods:139 postmenopausal women cames from Physical Examination Center, Fujian […]

ObjectiveTo observe the effect of zoledronic acid on the proliferation, differentiation and the mRNA expression of osteoprotegerin(OPG) and tumor necrosis factorα(TNFα) of rat osteoblasts, and to probe its role in bone metabolism, thereby to provide evidence for promote osteoporotic bone healing.MethodsThe osteoblasts isolated from the calvaria of neonatal SD rats were cultured with different concentrations […]

Objective:To investigate the change and relative metabolic indices of serum osteopro-tegerin, bone mineral density and its relationship between macroangiopathy and micro-angiopathy, to discuss the osteoporosis and osteoprotegerin on the relationship between T2DM, for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM)in Yanbian to provide theory basis for prevention of diabetes osteoporosis and chronic complications such as macroangiopathy […]

Objective:The purpose of this study was to explore the association of osteoprotegerin gene polymorphisms 950T/C and 1181G/C in the Han population of Fujian province with the blood stasis syndrome of acute coronary syndrome, guiding the diagnosis and treatment.Methods:240 cases of unrelated Fujian Han people was enrolled,180 patients with blood stasis syndrome in patients with ACS […]