In order to using the folk medicine of Bidens more standardly and the development of Bidens resources, we improved the quality standard of Bidens. The paper made a systematic quality assessment of Bidens in Shandong province. In aspects of materia textual criticism, original plant identification, microscopical identification, physical and chemical identification, routine examination, content determination, […]

ObjectiveTo study the chemical composition in radix of Ilex asprella( Arn.)Champ.ex Benth., and the quality of wild resource.It may help us to promote the pharmacological active substance research of Gangmei,provide a scientific basis of development of the quality standard and reasonable application,and ensure access to safe,effective,stable and reliable Gangmei.Methods1. Germplasm collection and identification of Gangmei.1.1 […]

Objective:Accroding to modern analysis technology and pharmacognostical methods, authenticity identification,fingerprints,effective parts and components contents of Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae were studied to establish the mode of HPLC finger-print and quality evaluation system and to provide a further scientific basis to normalize the application and quality control.Method:1.Character and microscopic identification methods were performed to qualitatively identify Rhizoma […]

Dragon’s blood is rooted from Dracaenacoch inch inensis(Lour.)S. C. Chen.It’s extracted by ethanol from its hadromestome which contains ester. Dragon’s blood is equal effective in pharmaco-and clinical with the imported “Imperial Crown” brand ones.Dragon’s blood is traditional Chinese medicine, it is tasted sweet, salty and has a warm and common character.It has the effect of […]

This dissertation included three parts:Part one:Literature reviewA review about growing environment,phytochemical investigation and pharma-cological activities of plants belong to three genus:Blechnum, Woodwardia, Brainea was presented.Part two:Experimentation1. Chemical investigation of the rhizoma of Brainea insignis.With the isolation of the acetidin extract of the rhizoma of Brainea insignis by silica gel, we got eight compounds.By the technique […]

Xiaoliu Powder is a folk recipe consisting of twenty ingredients. It has been used to treat hysteromyoma and ovarian dropsy in Yunnan Province of China. Deng and Shen have optimized the preparation process and the prescription of Xiaoliu Capsule, and established the quality control methods. Currently Marsdeniae Tenacissima Caulis lacks quantitative determination method with high-specificity, […]

Objective:Through the analytical methods including thin layer chromatography, content determination on the effective ingredients in Maqin jizhi Patch and compared with the Original Black Plaster from thin layer chromatography, content determination, release rate, vitro percutaneous rate, which has confirmed the reason of the clinical curative effect of Maqin jizhi Patch is better than that of […]

Entada phaseoloides (Linn. )Merr. belongs to Entada of Leguminosae plants, which widely distributed in tropical America and Africa, about 30 species exist all around the word. There is only one specie in China. Entada phaseoloides is one of the folk medicines in Dai region, Yunnan Province, which has been widely used for the treatment of […]

Pefloxacin mesylate is the third generation broad-spectrum antibacterial activity of quinolones. The subcutaneous absorption of pefloxacin mesylate was satisfied. Pefloxacin mesylate could transfer blood-brain barrier, and no cross-resistance effects with other antimicrobial agents were found. However, pefloxacin mesylate is sensitive to light. The color of the pefloxacin mesylate injection would change from light yellow to […]

Acanthopanax gracilistylus W. W. Smith(AGS) belongs to Acanthopanax Miq. of Araliaceae and its dried root bark are listed officeally in the Chinese pharmacopoeia as Cortex Acanthopanacis(named as Wujiapi),which has been used as medicine for the treatment of rheumatic pain, osteomalacia, asthenia, rheumatism, pediatric line later and other symptoms in clinical. In order to make comprehensive […]