The rise and application of Computer-aided test (CAT) provides a nice future for characteristic test of pump. Electro-hydraulic proportional pump test is of very importance in scientific research and Engineering. According to National Standard, the principle of hydraulic pump and the design criterion of hydraulic system, we have finished the CAT exploitation and research of […]

ObjectivesCerebral ischemia reperfusion injury (CIRI) is the phenomenon in which the injury of the tissues and the organs was getting more and more serious after being reperfused on the Basic of ischemia.It is generally accepted that IRI is a process from a reversible injury (ischemia injury) to an inreversible injury (reperfusion injury). The pathogenesis of […]

Acute extraocular muscle injury is one of the most frequent clinical ocular disease, which constantly caused by trauma or metabolic diseases. Injury of nerves, myofibers and blood vessels often lead to restricted motions of one or more extraocular muscles, which result in paralytic strabismus with diplopia and compensative head position. Such symptoms and physical signs […]

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 45 million people suffering from blindness worldwide . So far, no effective treatment method to restore their visual function has been discovered. In recent years, “Artificial vision”, using a visual prosthesis (microelectronic integrated device), has become one of the most promising treatments for these blindness caused […]

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element for human being. Se deficiency induces many diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease. In many biological functions of Se, the anticarcinogenic properties of selenium has been widespread concerned. The chemical forms of Se include organic and inorganic Se. The organic Se compounds include Se-containing polysaccharides, Se-containing proteins etc., […]

Objective:By feeding the rats dringking the same concentration of fluoride with different concentrations of sodium selenite, we oberserve and explore the anatagonistic action of selenium. Concentration of fluoride in urine,GSH-PX activity in serum,CAT activity in serum,Hb content,dental germ ameloblasts and the differences of smad3 and shh expression are carefully obersved and recorded.Methods:Sixty clean male SD […]

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Objective: To observe the general situation and weight, effects of the behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) rats and the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) ?catalase (CAT) , the content of malondialdehyde (MDA) in rats’brain tissue and blood serum when apply electroacupuncture (EA) to the points Shenshu, Fengfu, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao. The results provided new thoughts and […]

Objective: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the centralnervous system. Traditionally considered an inflammatory demyelinatingdisease, The main pathological features is that multiple central nervous systeminflammatory demyelination,glial cell proliferation and varying degrees ofaxonal damage. Recent evidence now points to axonal degeneration as crucialto the development of irreversible disability. The mechanisms of axonal andneuronal degeneration […]

Objective: Amblyopia occurs commonly in children. Its onset is the severedisorder of spatial vision and visual loss during the visual sensitive period.Progress in amblyopia will lead to lifelong functional dysfunction in visualcortex without timely or properly treating. Some clinical studies havedemonstrated that L-dopa treatment of amblyopia achieved some success.However, it has severe side-effects and poor […]

Objective:Observing the effect of Liucha extractive on liver functional lesion, antioxidant capacity and morphological damage in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease rats, to investigate the relationship between Liucha extractive and the gene expression of key enzymes involving in lipid metabolism, exploring the way by which peroxide was cleaned up meanwhile, thereby argument the possible mechanism what […]