Title Auricular Point Sticking Therapy Clinical Research of Insomnia

Insomnia, namely sleeplessness in TCM, refers to the frequent disability to obtain normal sleep, or sleep disorders such as difficult-to-fall-asleep and early-wake-up. Such diseases and symptoms, along with overworkedness and emotional tensions, seriously affect the quality of life and work. Modern medicine has done numerous studies on insomnia from various respects such as definition, epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical typing, symptoms and so forth. As a non-western medicine treatment TCM acupuncture is widely used to release insomnia nowadays. With the above in mind, our research aims to explore the effectiveness of auricular stick-press clinical therapy treating insomnia.Research purpose:Shortage of ideal sleeping drug nowadays calls for further study in the area. As a principle insomnia treatment shall be personalized. Along with auricular therapy, methods of psychology, behavior, and patient perception shall be emphasized to upgrade the patient confidence, therefore help remove patients with the disease faster and better. Most of the drugs for insomnia tend to cause tolerance and adaptation. The frequent “hangover” phenomenon disturbs the patient’s next day work and sleep, making treatment interference further complicated. The defects and adverse reactions by the drug therapy highlight the importance and broad prospect of TCM auricular application. Treatment and prescription on a case-by-case basis is a TCM advantage, which also leads to specific acupuncture point treatment for specific disease. Auricular insomnia therapy has achieved gratifying achieve-ments in clinical application so far, however, the main insomnia auricular point application requires multi-point operation. In this study, by researching the single Shenmen Point stick-press therapy, we try to work on its feasibility and contribute to the single-point auricular therapy research for the motherland. Research Methodology:First, through the access (1994-2009 with insomnia, insomnia, auricular application for keywords search based on the literature, insomnia and pathogenesis, and research progress of treatment and acupuncture treatment of insomnia research progress of detailed literature research. On this basis, the prospective research methods adopted. On January 2009,2009 in Guangzhou university of TCM in December, the first hospital,90 second hospital outpatient insomnia patients using random table. A single point group is divided into “shenmen” and 30 cases acupuncture point group of 30 cases and five points and four points of three group,30 cases. Through the clinical cases, ask sleep self-evaluation questionnaire record auricular application therapy of clinical and operating methods. At three different contrast observed the ears of pressure treatment, according to the observed data collected form for the review, entry Computer, statistical analysis. By trying to 90 cases of patients with qualified by random number list into three groups: (auricular application “shenmen” single point),30 cases for four point auricular application (heart, endocrine, subcortical, consensual acupuncture point),30 cases acupuncture point group auricular application (shenmen, heart, endocrine, subcortical, consensual acupuncture point),30 cases were all patients SRSS evaluation by one month before and after the treatment of sleep quality. Each patient treatment methods are as follows:Time:1 times per week, four weeks for a period. Using the clinical curative effect of Chinese medicine clinical research guiding principles for insomnia curative standard into evaluation, Before and after the treatment group and observe three SRSS scale of the score and the overall rating efficacy.Clinical research auricular application for insomnia, analysis the clinical treatment of three different choose acupuncture clinical curative effect. And different point three groups in selected course, gender, cultural differences, the factors, such as a comparison and analysis of the chosen acupuncture treatment of sleep sleep. Help better application auricular application in treatment of insomnia, relatively safe and effective method, make more willing to accept treatment, patients with ease patients who suffer from insomnia, causing the quality of life of auricular application of clinical operation experiences, to improve the clinical curative effect.Research Results Treatment results show that 3 groups of patients all receive certain statistically similar curative effects.1. After 1st period of treatment, the 3 groups’overall evaluation of curative effect reaches 86.7%, and there is no apparent difference among 3 groups in this respect.2. Relationship between clinical curative effect and gender:the study shows there are many more female patients than male patients out of the 3 selected groups. There is no apparent difference between different genders in the area of curative effect.3. Clinical effect and the course:study on relationship between general clinical curative effect and the disease course shows that the patients with shorter disease courses receive better clinical effect. Patients with longer disease courses receive lower curative effects than that in the acute phase. Comparison between 3 groups shows that all the patients receiving treatment find their conditions improved.4. Clinical curative effect and the TCM syndrome type:there is no group difference between clinical curative effects corresponding to TCM syndrome type. All patients improve their conditions. Patients suffering from Cardiac function disturbed by liver-fire number the first and also receive the best curative effects after treatment.5. Sleep quality self-reported questionnaire evaluation:Five point group and four point group receive no better curative effect than single point group, which as the same receive certain effect. Meanwhile, it is found that patients psychologically tend to take multi-point stick-press treatment. This may be the result of cost performance subconsciousness. With the same cost, the patients are more willing to take multi-point treatment wishing for better curative effects.ConclusionTCM auricular therapy has certain clinical curative effect of insomnia blessed with no drug side-effects. It is safe, convenient and easy to be accepted by the patients. Different auricular application therapies can all improve subjective sleep quality. There is no difference between fall-asleep timing and sleeping quality. All of the therapies can upgrade the patients living quality and shall be further adopted to treat insomnia in clinical applications.

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